Content Creation
Content Creation
The purpose of any business is to create and retain a customer. Success in online business depends largely to the extent on being found in the search engines. Web Content Creation is a valuable process consists of a number of creative activities that work towards developing an effective web site. The content on your site is no doubt a way of communicating with your clients and other visitors to your site and should be developed with the website’s goals in mind.

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Web Content is undoubtedly the most important element of a website. Words, words, words! It is all about saying the right things at the right time and place. It is the defining factor for a website, which catches the interest of your visitors and keeps them hooked to your site.

RSS Content Syndication (which can stand for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format that allows web developers to describe and syndicate web site content to portal sites and RSS search engines. RSS is fast becoming a mainstream application. RSS Content Syndication is one easy and effective way to build intelligent content that relates directly to high rankings with major search engines. RSS adoption is sky rocketing and sites using RSS Syndication report excellent results: an increase in search ranking, more qualified traffic on the site and even increased sales.

The use of RSS files allow us to create a data feed(s) that supply headlines, links, news and article summaries from a web site. Other sites can then incorporate them into their pages automatically. If you do not already have an RSS Content Syndication bundled to your site, and you do not have the in house expertise on how to install one, Baker Ecommerce can do all the heavy lifting for you.

Benefits of Creating an RSS Content Syndication

Once the feed is installed you can be syndicating your content in mere minutes.
  • RSS content can be included in customizable online news portals that aggregate RSS headlines like,, InfoWorld and many others..
  • Websites that display news headlines can use an RSS file to incorporate another websites headlines into their own.
  • RSS content can be added to personal desktop news reading applications like Headline Viewer, NewsGator, IE RSS Aggregator, FeedReader and many others.
  • Email newsletter providers could allow users to subscribe to RSS channels.
  • The ability of submitting your Headlines to a whole new breed of RSS Search Engines
  • The RSS format is ideally suited to users of personal digital assistants (PDA's) and cellular devices.
One positive side effect of producing an RSS file is that it can also be used by headline aggregation services like, who power 1000's of news portal sites, specialist news search engines, and business intelligence services or provide news feeds to websites. Most such companies use crawler-based technologies to aggregate and do not insist upon content being available in RSS, however they do have some requirements which having an RSS file addresses, sparing the need for any work on the part of a website that already publishes its headlines in RSS.
 If you do not get found on major search engines, no matter how stellar your website is, no one will see it. Using RSS Syndication headlines is an excellent and cost-effective way of driving traffic to, and increasing brand awareness of, any websites that publishes new content regularly.

Getting a good organic (natural placements) search ranking is getting harder all the time. Baker Ecommerce can develop custom Web Content and RSS Syndication as per your requirements, or integrate existing one at your sites to achieve the objective.