Marketing Program - Implementation
Organizations are always searching for solutions that allow them to minimize the impact of constant change inherent in Web services environments. Your web site is your online face to the world. The key to a successful Web Content Optimization services includes ensuring visibility, flexibility and active control across an enterprise are all key issues of web services management.
Web Content Optimization Made Easy at…
At Baker Ecommerce, we understand that just a “web presence” however beautiful will not turn out to be productive if it is not backed by functionality that is appropriate, effective and robust. By utilizing strategic keywords and popular phrases with compelling web content including optimizing meta-tags, alt-tags, H-tags, Image-tags, titles and page descriptions throughout to attracting more visitors and higher ranking to your site, while reducing the costs of ongoing web content management.

Copy Writing -- Profiting from Words!
The element that reel in and make your audience come back to your site is not just the design -- it is your content. Basically Copy Writing service is one of the best weapons in the arsenal of the advertiser. Creative copy and messaging is of the utmost importance to all of your printed and web collateral. Baker Ecommerce Copy Writing service encompasses keyword rich articles, press releases, and copy writing into search optimization plans to promote a person, a business, an idea, a product or a service, which gives your site the most effective approach for achieving high rankings.

Targeted e-Mail marketing at…
More than 80% of all Americans go online everyday and a recent study shows that more than two thirds of all purchases are researched online. Email Marketing in California is one of the most important components among other internet marketing mix.

At Baker Ecommerce your premier provider of Email Marketing services in the state of California, offers you quality service with advanced technologies that enables you to inexpensively collect and send targeted email messages to one or more of your target markets. By incorporating the latest online advertising tactics with proven direct marketing strategies, Baker Ecommerce offers more than professional insight in to e-Mail Marketing.

Baker Ecommerce provides the services your campaigns need:
Full-service email marketing is an interesting combination of marketing, technology, and analytics. We will help you craft email messages that are powerfully written, appropriate to the target audience(s) and most importantly, drive recipients to visit your Web site.

A vital report highlights key problem areas on your site and general site information. This analysis is essential in guaranteeing advantageous online success. What this report tells us is outlined below.

Campaign Strategy Consultation:
  • Complete customer conversion cycle support, including message and landing page creation, data collection and transfer

  • Targeting, message delivery and tracking technology

  • Post-campaign analysis and remarketing consultation

  • Data modeling

Our campaign consultants will take you through the planning, construction and execution of your email campaign. Our creative experts assist you to devise a response driven message, whether the format is text, HTML or Rich Media. We have run email campaigns with high response rates. We will analyze the effectiveness of your campaign and optimize it over time as necessary.

Affiliate Management Programs at…
An Affiliate Management Program, also known as a referral or partnership program, serves as an important tool for internet entrepreneurs to secure quick earnings from their websites. Affiliate programs allow companies the opportunity to increase sales by effectively enhancing their sales team on a pay-for-performance basis.

In other words, it is a kind of e-commerce program that generates traffic to a company’s website by linking affiliate sites. An affiliate program must be managed effectively. Setting up a successful affiliate management program requires technical, strategic, and creative resources. Baker Ecommerce’s experienced affiliate managers will guide your company through each step of program setup, ensuring a quick and error free launch including tracking, reporting and managing your programs.

Benefits of Baker Ecommerce Managing Your Affiliate Programs:
  • Real-time tracking, reporting and analysis of impressions, leads and sales on every product, ad, and offer in your program.
  • More visitors, leads and sales on a pay-for-performance basis.
  • Global network of thousands of pre-screened affiliates.
  • Pay-per-sale, Pay-per-click or Pay-per-lead programs.
  • Monthly commission processing and payments.
  • Increased reach, revenue, brand and results.
  • Affiliate approval, screening and sign-up.
  • Supports multiple link types and offers.
  • Quality and quantity of partnerships.
  • Payment collection and processing.
  • Fraud prevention and detection.
  • Multiple link types and offers.
  • Turn-key service offering.
  • No software to install.
  • Technical integration.
  • Ad serving included.
  • Increased Sales.
 As competition increases online, you need to tap the right resources that will give you a competitive advantage. It needs to be an effective marketing tool that gets return on your investment and produces qualified leads that turn into customers.

At, we provided our client user-friendly system that enhances interactivity. We take care of everything for you so you do not have to worry about designing HTML emails, analyzing the results, or any of the technical details.

Baker Ecommerce can help you develop lasting user experience and improve your business operations!!!