Baker Ecommerce Product

Baker Ecommerce' e-commerce platform delivers massive demand and proven automation for your online business. Our solution includes your own storefront and tight integrations with major marketplaces and shopping comparison sites, making a multi-channel sales strategy quickly achievable. Through a single platform, Baker Ecommerce delivers access to over 400 million online shoppers per month, while providing valuable back-office automation, including central inventory management, order processing, checkout, and customer management to manage your business.

Our hosted platform and pay-as-you sell model means that there is nothing to download or install and no licensing fees. All you need is Internet access and your Baker Ecommerce log-in to manage a multi-channel online business.


Your Business and eBay

Who It's For: Businesses who are new to selling on eBay. We recommend eBay as an excellent channel to start on online business for rapid customer acquisition and sales growth. Why eBay? eBay's marketplace offers you a massive audience of over 181 million registered users and built-in credibility to help you ramp quickly.

Marketing Services

Baker Ecommerce delivers a number of services to help merchants grow their business and increase profitability. While our technology delivers robust and scalable automation, our service offerings are designed to deliver the knowledge, expertise and professional services to build your brand and increase sales performance.

Baker Ecommerce Creative and Traffic Services

Your online storefront is only as successful as your ability to attract visitors and convert them to buyers. Baker Ecommerce provides a full suite of Creative and Online Marketing services that help your business develop a credible, memorable online brand and drive qualified traffic from the web's leading properties



Q: How do I get my product viewed by millions shoppers each month?

A: Simply take advantage of all sales channels Baker Ecommerce offers. By listing on the major marketplaces like eBay and the various shopping comparison channels, you can access over 400 million registered users of these sales channels

Q: How hard is it to use your solution?

A: The good thing is you can use as little or as much as you want. Some merchants use just our storefront solution while others list products to all the various sales channels. You decide how much functionality you need and we train you to use as much of our solution as you wish.

Q: What is the best way to get started?

A: Fill out our web form telling us a little about your business and one of our e-commerce sales managers will contact you within 24 hours with a recommendation based on your specific needs.

Q: What if I only want to use Baker Ecommerce to increase my eBay sales?

A: No problem, lots of our customers start out using eBay and then discover how easy it is to add additional sales channels. Just let us know where you want to sell and we’ll get you set up and selling fast.

Q: What do you charge for your solution?

A: Baker Ecommerce hosted ecommerce solution means there is nothing to install or download and no licensing fees. We charge a small commission for each successful transaction so our pay-as-you-sell model means you don’t pay us unless you are selling and making money. See our solution fees. Generally speaking, our fees are comparable with the fees you would pay for a credit card transaction.

Q: How much do you charge for your marketing services?

A: We offer a host of marketing services designed to help you build your brand and increase sales performance. Contact one of our service experts so we can better understand your needs and provide a quote.

Q: What if I want you to manage my e-commerce?

A: No problem, you can outsource your e-commerce to Baker Ecommerce. Our team will develop a sales strategy, list your products, handle customer support and send orders to our/your designated fulfillment provider to ship the product to your buyers.

Q: How do you compare to other e-commerce providers?

A: Most other companies provide a storefront and limited access to online buyers. We provide all the backend functionality including inventory management, order management, customer management and reporting along with access to a variety of sales channels so you can reach millions of online shoppers using one solution. More exposure for your products translates into more sales. We are literally a one-stop e-commerce shop.

Baker Ecommerce delivers a low cost, highly efficient platform for connecting merchants with millions of potential buyers each month.

Key Benefits

  • Increase online sales
  • Deliver more buyer traffic to your products
  • Reduce technology and operational costs
  • Nothing to install, no licensing fees
  • Rapid deployment

With our powerful, hosted e-commerce solution there is nothing to download or install and no costly licensing fees.

The Baker Ecommerce pay-as-you-sell model means you get access to Baker Ecommerce' complete functionality while paying only a small commission when you have a successful transaction. We increase your sales performance and reduce your operational costs.

Effective Marketing Services

We've also developed a host of marketing services so you can rely on Baker Ecommerce' e-commerce experts for all of your online selling needs. Whether it is designing an award-winning storefront or implementing a cost effective search engine marketing program, the Baker Ecommerce team delivers best-in-class performance..